Complete Pricelist

Please visit our Services page for detailed descriptions of services listed below.

Library Preparation (prices are per sample) Internal (WCM, WCM Qatar & Cornell U) External
Enhanced Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (ERRBS) $190 $250
Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing (WGBS) $250 $325
Methylome Capture Sequencing (targeted methylome sequencing) $400 $600
TruSeq Stranded RNA-seq (polyA) $170 $225
Ultra Low Input RNA-seq (polyA) $280 $370
TruSeq Total RNA-seq (stranded) $300 $400
TruSeq ChIP-seq $180 $250
TruSeq DNA-seq $200 $300
Single Cell Expression (Chromium) (See Notes) $2150 $2580
Illumina HiSeq 2500 Sequencing - V4 chemistry (prices are per lane) Internal (WCM, WCM Qatar & Cornell U) External
HiSeq SR50 Single Read Clustering and 1 x 50 Sequencing Cycles $1100 $1600
HiSeq SR100 Single Read Clustering and 2 x 50 Sequencing Cycles (See Notes) $1300 $1900
HiSeq PE50 Paired End Clustering and 2 x 50 Sequencing Cycles $1650 $2200
HiSeq PE100 - Paired End Read Clustering and 2 x 100 Sequencing Cycles (See Notes) $2400 $3700
HiSeq PE150 - Paired End Read Clustering and 2 x 150 Sequencing Cycles (See Notes) $2650 $4000
HiSeq Chromium recipe - Paired end custom 26-8-98 Sequencing Cycles (See Notes) $2050 $2460
Dual Index sequencing primer kit - an extra kit is required for Nextera libraries and to support dual index sequencing (See Notes) $90 $90
Illumina MiSeq Sequencing Internal (WCM, WCM Qatar & Cornell U) External
50 Sequencing Cycles v2 $780 $1100
300 Sequencing Cycles v2 $985 $1350
500 Sequencing Cycles v2 $1100 $1540
150 Sequencing Cycles v3 $1000 $1640
600 Sequencing Cycles v3 $1500 $2400
Mass Array Internal (WCM, WCM Qatar & Cornell U) External
DNA Bisulfite conversion (per DNA sample)
$7 $10
Methylation by MassArray (per amplicon)
$8 $11
SpectroCHIP II (one chip with 90 amplicon capacity) $285 $400
Bioinformatics Support Internal (WCM, WCM Qatar & Cornell U) External
Data analysis support / hour $75 $125


  • We reserve the right to add additional costs for any customization of our standard protocols.
  • For HiSeq2500 SR100, PE100, PE150 and dual index sequencing please submit enough samples for a minimum of 2 lanes, and multiples of 2 thereof.
  • Chromium recipe is sequenced on an 8-lane flow cell, there will be a 2-3-week wait to fill one flow cell. 
  • For Single Cell Expression (Chromium) projects, library prep price is for 1 sample, however, we can process up to 4 samples at one time. Please check under Services for further price breakdown.

Multiplexing Price Calculator

This webapp calculates the library preparation and sequencing price(s) for multiple samples and lanes with or without multiplexing and is intended to provide price estimates for multiplexed samples.

Multiplexing formula: cost per sample = cost of library prep + (cost of lane / number of samples per lane)

Please Note: The form below has example values filled out, please select values for each form field pertinent to your specific project.

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