The Epigenomics Core Facility of Weill Cornell Medicine provides an array of epigenomics and bioinformatics research resources and services that include:

  • DNA methylation profiling [More]
  • Protein-nucleic acid association [ChIP-Seq, ATAC-Seq]
  • Single Cell RNA and Long Range DNA Sequencing [More]
  • RNA-seq [More]
  • Bioinformatics analysis [More]
Core resources and services include sample preparation services and data generation on the Illumina HiSeq 2500, MiSeq platforms and Sequenom MassArray platform.

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Recent Publications

We require that core clients acknowledge the Epigenomics Core of Weill Cornell Medical College in publications and presentions enabled by our resources.

We recently published a study about optimal multiplexing of ChIPSeq samples: Kacmarczyk TJ. et al. PLoS One 2015. Jun 11;10(6) [PubMed]

Please refer to this paper for the latest on our in-house ERRBS service:
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Comprehensive List of Epigenomics Core Publications via Pubmed


May 2018: Introducing Microbiome Services - officially launching June 2018!

Jan 2018: The Epigenomics Core facility is hiring a Research Specialist! Please check the Employment Opportunities page for details.

Feb 2017:
Please note that our service request and billing platform - iLab is now called Agilent CrossLab. We are in the process of updating our websites to reflect this and apologize for any confusion during this transition. [Service Requests]