For customers paying from the Weill Cornell Medical College:

  1. A Fund Number valid for the entire length of the service in Agilent Crosslab/iLab is required.
  2. To manage Fund Numbers on your Agilent Crosslab/iLab page please follow the instructions in the WCMC iLab Instructions PDF.
  3. Payment will be processed automatically through WBG/SAP after an Invoice is issued (at the end of the calendar month following the completion of the service).
  4. If your Fund Number is no longer billable for any reason, please contact us at

For customers from Cornell University, Ithaca:

  1. Please pay by Fund Transfer from CU to WCMC using your central institutional account, and include a copy of the invoice. Reach out to your accounting personnel for directions and clarification on how to process internal transfers between our campuses.
  2. Once you have posted the transfer, please email us at in order to ensure credit to your iLab account.

For External Academic customers:

  1. External Academic customers must pay via check or wire transfer ONLY, we do not accept credit cards.
  2. After completion of the service an invoice referencing the provided PO number will be generated.
  3. The Invoice will be emailed through iLab to the Financial Manager and/or PI - who is responsible for delivering it to the Institution's Accounts Payable Department.
  4. Your Institution’s Accounts Payable Department should mail a check payable to Weill Cornell Medical College along with a copy of your invoice to:
    Epigenomics Core Facility
    Weill Cornell Medical College, Box 288
    1300 York Avenue
    New York, NY 10065
  5. If you are paying via a wire transfer please send an email to to arrange the proper transfer.

If you have any questions about your invoice, please email

All inquires regarding billing should be addressed to