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(Epi)Genetic Profiling Services


Please Note:

We have changed our sample drop off protocols and times - click on and read the following PDFs for details:

RNASeq, DNASeq and sequencing are performed by the Weill Cornell Medicine Genomics Resources Core Facility (GRCF). If you require these services - please submit your samples directly to the GRCF. Please contact Dr. Jenny Xiang if you have any questions about these services.

  • The core accepts samples that require library preparation and sequencing. There will be a quality control step prior to agreement of service. Please refer to specific services using the menu on the left for detailed quality control descriptions.
  • The price for library preparation is per library, and includes sample quality control, library preparation and library validation.
  • The price for sequencing varies based on sample volume and number of reads required per sample, and includes de-multiplexing (if required), post-processing (if available and requested) and two years data storage. For methylation sequencing services, methylation calls are also provided with alignments as part of the post-processing.
  • Sequencing is performed on NovaSeq 6000 or MiSeq Illumina instruments.
  • A Bioinformatics Fee (10% of the sequencing price for Internal Clients and 20% for External Clients) will be added.
  • Libraries made by the core, routinely yield clusters between 750-800 k/mm2 passing the illumina chastity filter. We cannot guarantee similar clustering and/or quality for libraries made by customers of the core.
  • We require that core clients acknowledge the Epigenomics Core of Weill Cornell Medical College in publications and presentions enabled by Epigenomics core resources.

Sample submission tips

  • To request a sequencing service, please fill out a request in our Agilent Crosslab/iLab Service Request LIMS. Please refer to the GETTING STARTED section of our Sample Workflow above for detailed sample submission instructions.
  • Please use the Agilent Crosslab/iLab service ID and the sample number you have indicated in the submission form to label your tubes clearly, tubes without a service ID and sample number will not be accepted.
  • Once samples are submitted and pass quality control, they are entered into a sample or library queue.
  • The MiSeq personal sequencer has a single lane and only supports paired end clustering. [MiSeq PDF]

Approximate time for library preps and sequencing is 4-8 weeks if all samples pass quality control.
Approximate time for data pre-processing and transfer is 1-2 weeks from the end of a successful sequencing run.

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